I Made a New Blog

Hi everyone,

This fall I’m taking the course Publishing 101, which requires I start a blog under my own domain and post regularly to it! So, for the next few months I’ll be over at my new blog: Mixed Medium (mixedmedium.ca).

I’ve stated in the “about” page for that blog that it’ll cover topics of communication and art, but so far it just has some food blogging I’ve done. We’ll see how this evolves together.

Hope to see you following me there,



We have just spent Friday-Monday in Fernie, home of 2 rivers, surrounded by mountains including the famous “three sisters” mountain, and lots of outdoors activities. We have noticed that many towns like Fernie, Penticton, ___ have a high per-capita cyclist rate, and if I lived in these places I’d be one too! These towns are all relatively flat and have an infrequent transit service. BAM, bikes everywhere.

three sisters markel

The Three Sisters by Patrick Markle

Saturday in Fernie I walked around the “Historic Downtown” area leisurely (to make the 7 blocks stretch), taking my time to visit each art gallery, clothing shop, and contemplate eating at each cafe.

There is a wonderful art co-op here in Fernie where I have picked up the names of a few new favorite artists. Patrick Markle is featured above, and Nicole Yanota and Glenys Takala below.

nicole yanota

Nicole Yanota

Genys Takala

Genys Takala

Sunday we worked the Fernie “Mountain Market” event, a small farmers market located on the next block beside where we were staying! Spoke with some friendly people and almost signed up for a river rafting tour! Susan was hesitant to surrender the entire day (9-4) to a rafting trip, so when we got back we researched the half day trip we had heard about, only to find that there were no tours going out on that Monday due to low enrollment. 😦 Oh well, It left the day open to do everything I did today instead:

Today (Monday) we had the day off because we had worked the event on Sunday.  I woke up early for course enrollment (more boring details below), then slowly prepared to head outside into Fernie for an afternoon of walking around the town and painting more angles of the downtown street.

IMG_2480 IMG_2460

Course enrollment details:

I was awake at 9am PDT, (10am MDT) in order to do my course enrollment for my fall term. I am very happy with the results. I was having some trouble choosing courses a few days ago because I had three goals in mind (besides receiving a great education of course):

  1. Take 4 classes
  2. Leave Friday afternoons open in order to visit Victoria on weekends.
  3. Don’t take very early morning Tuesday classes so that I can go to a 60s themed “ice cream social” dancing event which happens Monday nights.

Finally I settled on a schedule of three 200-level Communication classes, and one introductory Publishing class. These classes occur over tree days, with one Monday, two Tuesday, and one Wednesday. All except the Wednesday class are at the downtown campus. I have just achieved 45 units, meaning that I could take a few certain 300- level classes, but the more I looked the more I didn’t want to end class downtown at 9:30pm every Monday night, and the more I realized my interest in some of the 200-level classes I haven’t gotten to take yet – like International Communication!

This whole process has put me in a good mood. I’m hopeful that my classes will compliment each other well, and am really looking forward to going back to school! I’m looking forward to going back to the small things, like participating in clubs and going back to my weekly fitness schedule! When I’m not doing all of that, I’ll have a few opportunities to spend 4 day weekends in Victoria!

Out East: Fernie and Surrounding Area

This week we visited: Sicamous, Revelstoke, Golden, Radium, Invermere, Kimberly, Cranbrook. They all went by in such a blur that I can hardly differentiate each in my mind!

One thing has really thrown us for a loop this week though, time zones. When we reached Golden we slowly realized that everything was ahead one hour! We had gone from 11:50am to 12:50am without even realizing! This encouraged us to learn more about time zones. Susan recommended this video by CGP Grey:


This led me to hours of watching and discovering CGP Grey. Susan had thought that the Alberta/BC border was the border between time zones, but it turns out that this is false! In fact, the border between the time zones is very strange and squiggly.

bistroWe are now in Fernie and we (think?) we are still in MDT. We just had the most wonderful meal at a restaurant next door to our hotel, called The Bridge Bistro.

We both ordered a bowl of their cream of mushroom soup, and these pork lettuce “tacos”. The mushroom soup was very tasty and healthy-looking, served with some fresh zucchini bread. The lettuce wrap “tacos” really made my day though. I’m having a love affair with these tacos! I didn’t bring the camera, so let me draw you a picture.

As you can see from this work of art, there were dishes of a cucumber-avacado-watermelon salsa, marinated diced pork, and goat cheese. The combination was OUTSTANDING! And, best of all, the waitress let me have the recipe! (For the avacado-cucumber-watermelon part anyways) I am very excited to be able to make this myself. mmm mmm mmm. This recipie could revolutionize my single-cooking life! Imagine,  instead of having to do my “salad challenges” in order to finish a head of lettuce, I could just eat fabulous lettuce wraps all the time!

lettuce tacosIMG_2448



Penticton Day 2

I had a wonderful day today! After staying up late watching season 2 of The Carrie Diaries, I woke up at 9 to go swimsuit shopping. The most popular independent swim store in Penticton is called “Bumwrap” and is on Main St. So I headed over, and was met with a lovely surprise: A street fair!

Apparently this happens every Saturday until 1pm here! This was a FANTASTIC street fair, large, busy, and every vendor was interesting! I bought dry soup mix, bracelets, necklaces, and two blank journals! I’m giving most of these things away as gifts, most for my pen pals, so don’t be sad if you don’t get one.


Hey – good idea! I should create a blog contest for someone to win something! (Oooh, keep your eyes peeled for that!)

Anyways, I walked around the fair for a long time and looked at the swimsuit store, but eventually I just went to Winners and got a very cute bathing suit. I was worried that I was spending too much time out having fun, and that Susan was awake and wanting to go out and do stuff (I had the car), but when I got back to the hotel she was still asleep! She woke up eventually, we had plans to go tubing on the river, so while she got ready I walked back into town to go to the bank (to visit the fair again).

On my way I walked along the shore of the Okanagan Lake. It’s beautiful and sitting on that beach is my plan for tomorrow!



I also bought a delicious bag of cherries while I was on street fair round 2! Real Okanagan local cherries! So delicious that I ate the entire small bag myself before I had a chance to get back to the hotel and share them with Susan! I also got this awesome waterproof pen from a local art store! And I saw (but did not purchase) this cool mask made of leather! It was nice chatting up the man who made them.IMG_2038



River tubing was fun, but susan didn’t feel well afterwards. We’re back at the hotel now, I’m hanging out in a surprisingly large seating area where the vending machines and gym are, watching Carrie Diaries and eating take out pasta from a nearby ritzy Italian restaurant.



Princeton, Oliver, Osoyoos


Sorry I skipped 3 weeks. We were working in the Lower mainland, but now we are back on the road! Yesterday we zipped through Princeton, Oliver and Osoyoos. So far, it doesn’t really feel like I’ve gotten a taste of the Okanagan for two reasons:

1. We did all three in two days, all were beautiful but they kind of blend together in my mind now. I think that later in the trip we get to re-visit Osoyoos for a bit.

2. We haven’t stopped at a fruit stand yet. I have literally not tasted the Okanagan. I’m determined to go out to one tomorrow though!

Here are some things that I have tasted:

IMG_1957 IMG_1953IMG_1958

This was at a lovely restaurant in Osoyoos called Dolci (link to urbanspoon page HERE), recommended to us by Jill, the woman who runs the Osoyoos Sanitary Landfill. I love talking to friendly, professional recyclers. They’re super knowledgeable and I always learn something! I had that delicious lavender iced tea and Panini; and Susan had and iced coffee, quiche, and salad.

The food was great, but the ambiance was STUNNING! If you ever go, sit on the backyard patio! You walk out past a very nice seating area on gravel, but the real gem is once you get to the shaded patio area. It is enclosed, blocking the view of the next door homehardware’s yard, which doubles to create an enchanting bubble of paradise. Susan and I sat beneath the heavily grape-vined trellis sipping our cool drinks, a much needed retreat from the heat that was making our day feel unending.


We ended our day in Oliver, where we went to a restaurant in a renovated fire station, appropriately named “Firehall”. They ampped up the fire-fighter theme, but overall the restaurant was not too tacky, and had beautiful architecture. Sorry, no photo. The only downer was the staff, who we could tell all just wanted to wrap up for the day. I’d never be able to work in that environment. I want to contribute to a chipper workplace where people are happy to be there and that attitude helps you power through.

The only thing about Oliver was that our GPS “Garmin”, and the streets in Oilver were not on the same page. While we got to practice reading building numbers and asking for directions, I’m glad we are now in Penticton where Garmin can give her best guess at where things are.

We are so glad that we get to stay the weekend here in Penticton! Today we enviously watched families play on the lakeside – tomorrow that will be us! Actually, tomorrow our plan is to ride down the slow river in innertubes. 😀 I am very excited for this, but Susan is afraid of getting bored.

One thing I forgot after my Victoria visit was my bathing suit! So tomorrow morning I’m heading out early to find one in town.