Bow to The Chief

Oh my gosh. Why didn’t anyone warn me about the Chief! I was under-fit to challenge that huge rock, especially with woman-of-steel Susan beside me. The entire trip took us about 3 hours and we took a picnic break up there. I thought I was good at running up and down stairs (right aaron?) but wow, the Chief was tough. When I said to Susan “I like climbing rocks” on Monday, I meant like walking around Cattle Point. Not this:

Cattle Point

Cattle Point

The Chief

The Chief

We went up to the first peak which was the easiest, but still difficult. They call the Grouse Grind “Nature’s Stairmaster” so if its anything like the Chief’s constant uphill terrain I think I need to train a bit first. The thighs, so much burn. I kept having to take breaks because my heart rate got too high – but Susan, oh fit and patient Susan, went up and down without a complaint, and could probably run around some more right now. I just asked her how she was doing she said “Good! Still perky, a little itchy” (We are probably covered in mosquito bites that we will discover tomorrow.

There were some amazing views though. These chipmunks live at the top and are very used to being fed by hikers.


Tomorrow we are headed back to the lower mainland! I look forward to seeing everyone, and Antonia, who is coming to visit for the long weekend.

Earlier in Squamish we saw this dude. All the ladies.

Earlier in Squamish we saw this dude

My Day in Powell River

Today we visited recycling facilities around Powell River, for more blogging detail on the business:

View today from Sechelt National Park and Picnic Area off of Hwy 101

View today from Saltery Bay National Park and Picnic Area off of Hwy 101

We finished facility visits early because everyone was so helpful and efficient. So we started driving to Saltery Bay to catch the ferry back to Earl’s Cove and Sechelt, but realized that 12:50 is far too early to arrive for the 3:25 ferry. Luckily there was a turn off to the “Saltery Bay National Park and Picnic Area” where we killed a few hours. We had lunch and I painted and tried to do a bit of work, and Susan did some social media and immortalized our trip in her journal.



On our way to Sechelt we stopped at this roadside lake and took pictures and saw a bald eagle who totally ran the place.


After arriving at our adorable motel in Sechelt (the Cozy Court, we recommend it) we headed out to dinner. Since the ferry I had been craving a virgin pina colada, and that was my one request for a dinner location. First we tried the Lighthouse Pub (has beautiful views) but it turns out a temporary paper drivers licence does not cut it when you’re trying to eat at a pub, so we went to the Old Boot italian restaurant instead, which was delicious. I had the BBQ chicken pizza and Susan had Penne in a red sauce with italian sausage. We ate outside and it was lovely.

After dinner we walked two blocks from our motel in Downtown Sechelt to the beach. Beautiful beach, but we spent a while trying to figure out what this hulking thing was at the end of the beach:

2014-05-13 19.23.12

Here is me slipping on the rocky beach. Graceful.

Susan guesses that it is some sort of pipeline, I think it is a big conveyor belt for moving stuff to containers to be shipped. If you know the answer or have a guess put it in the COMMENTS!

We Have Launched!

The first day of BCUOMA touring has come to an end, and I am in Powell River looking at the water through the trees while sitting on my squeaky motel bed. The internet here is kind of slow so its taking this next photo a long time to download.


Susan and I began our day at 5am when we woke up to get ready for a drive out to Horseshoe Bay. The roads are very clear at 6am. Today we have driven through Gibsons and Sechelt today on our way to Madeira Park, where we tried our hand as Ambassadors for the first time. Thankfully tomorrow we will have a bit more time to appreciate the Sunshine coast in Sechelt, as today we mostly appreciated the beauty of the coast from inside our car.

We do have some winning photos from the times we got out and viewed the wildlife though:

IMG_0677IMG_0683This is at Ruby Lake

Today Susan and I learned that the ferry from Earl’s Cove to Saltery Bay is FREE! When we arrived at the ferry terminal we were shocked to see that the road simply turned into the boarding lanes. There was no ticket booth and as more people started arriving (all with adorable dogs), no one paid. Once on the ferry we asked one of the other passengers who said that our trip from Horseshoe Bay INCLUDED the second ferry also! What a cool way for BC ferries to operate. This also means that if you want to go from the sunshine coast to Powell River the ferry is free, of course you will be paying for both ferries back on the return trip.


Icraving completen Powell River we went to a restaurant called “The Tree Frog” for dinner that our Motel manager recommended. It was the fanciest – Wine glasses with burgundy napkins folded inside. We have no clue why he recommended somewhere like that for us but I am glad he did because it was delicious. We ate super early (4pm) so we ordered from the lunch menu. I had a pulled pork sandwich with grilled pineapple and avocado and a side salad with cranberries, oranges and pumpkin seeds. When we were driving there I described to Susan a near identical salad that I was craving. Susan had alfredo pasta and picked out all of the bell peppers 🙂

Afterward we went to safeway to pick up some groceries for our drive tomorrow and then went down to look at the ocean and beach. They have a vollyball net set up down there waiting for use, looks like fun!

Thanks for reading! We are going to bed early.