A ton of love for Pemberton

Our hotel being overbooked was the best thing that ever happened to us.

Instead of staying in our usual motel set-up we drove into Pemberton’s upperscale subburb today to find a lovely B&B at the end of the road! We are staying at The Greenwood Inn and have “The rose garden room/The dream room”. The roses are not yet in bloom so it’s still called the dream room right now. Well named, because this is my dream basement suite. Separate entrance, small kitchen and living room, fireplace, and all beautifully decorated! I wish I could live here all year round!


Susan and I sat around and got some business out of the way (still more to go!) and then went to dinner at “Solfeggio” a short walk away. Imagine every little thing on a hipster’s Pintrest wall: that was this restaurant. I was afraid to take pictures and be rude, but we did get this one with the symbol of hipserdom:


[Revision: Nov 2014] You can see pictures of the ultimate hipster interior in this Vancity Buzz article!

This place had everything: The worn wood re-purposed into rough tables, mis-matched chairs, colourfully stitched pillows on the benches, lights danging from industrial-inspired cords into bigger mason jars, shelves held up by decorative metal pipes, chalkboard labels on the big glass canning jars used to contain spices. There was even a full bicycle hanging high on the wall to our left. That was what did it for me. It was actually TOO hipster, so saturated that it was near nauseating. It surpassed style and made me feel like I was in what would become the tacky nostalgia diners representing an era 50 years past. THIS is the sort of place our grandkids will interpret as we interpret this:

grease diner


But I digress, It was still very nice. It was $5 Fridays and very busy, but we didn’t have trouble finding a table. We ordered fish tacos, black bean sliders, red potato poutine, and vegetable-black bean sushi roll. Our favorite was the poutine because the potatoes had been cooked in coconut oil and had a very nice coconut flavour that you would not expect to pair so well with the gravy and cheese!