Catching up with short blurbs about the places I visited on the way back to the lower mainland, notably Nelson, Grand Forks, Creston, and Osoyoos/Keremeos. Sorry I got pre-occupied on the return stretch and took an unannounced hiatus. If you’re still with us here at, welcome πŸ™‚

Nelson was a blast! I cannot believe no one has told me about how unique and funky this place is before! (Or maybe mentions of Nelson went over my head because I hadn’t been there yet). At any rate I was blown away by how.. colourful it was! Got some good painting done here and in Fernie. If you have facebook, I have posted all of my paintings there.


We were fortunate enough to land on Nelson for a weekend. This place kind of reminded me of Fernie, but with less emphasis on the outdoors, more hippie/hipster-ness, and with a larger cultural core.


While we were in town we got to experience a large summer market (busiest I’ve ever been to), which had wonderful vendors and crafts. Everything was beautiful and valued by the attendees – and the vendors knew this, so everything was pretty expensive. I came across a beautiful light blue wool scarf/blanket – so soft! But it was $40 😦 so I don’t own it. I did indulge a little bit though, and bought henna and a beautiful dress for Adriane while I was here. This dress I got for Adriane is nice in the way it tied up in the back and around the front. When I got it home I realized that the design is wonderfully simplistic- basically 2 triangles sewn together! I’m going to have to figure out how to mass produce these in my basement when I get home.


Nelson is really artsy-fartsy, and houses a population of those that are young and young-at-heart. I saw some seriously fashionable people there, of all ages, willing to take fashion risks. I was talking to an ex-local who said that deep down, Nelson is just a front, and that there are lots of people “putting on an act”, shamelessly copying the art of others, and generally being posers. I didn’t get this impression, but maybe if you lived there longer this would be how you would start to see the town too. Anyways, it’s an interesting place.

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