Back in the Lower Mainland

One of my favorite parts of Back To The Future I is when he wakes up and Huey Lewis and The News comes on his radio alarm clock. I might be remembering this wrong though, because the internet says that the song “time bomb town” is what plays on his radio. Anyways, *AWESOME SEGUE* I’m Back!

Photo credit: fanpop

Photo credit: fanpop

Sidenote: I don’t really like how Community Channel has started saying “awesome segue”, because they were awesome segues! (Mine was not an awesome segue, I just wanted to share how much I like the movie) Her’s could have gone seamlessly if she hadn’t drawn attention to it! I’m also not the biggest fan of her newest sign-off, but who am I to be criticizing that youtube superstar?! She’s wonderful, and I’m just change-averse.


Sunrise in Vancouver from the Delta, facing south

This post is an update of everything I’ve done today- a regular day in the Lower Mainland. Usually when I’m here my blogging drops off because I don’t feel that there is anything remarkable about my everyday life, but recently my Auntie Tamar said that she wouldn’t mind reading about life just across the Georgia Straight, so here it is! This post is dedicated to Tamar.

2014-08-08 12.06.16

Today we did facilitites in Burnaby, which was difficult because we missed the spacious parking lots and empty streets we found in small towns. Here autobody shops barely have room for customer parking, let alone recycling ambassador vehicles! After work we went to the storage facility to pick up the mammoth-sized mascot costume. I will be wearing it tomorrow as part of the Chinatown Festival’s Mascot Race. It looks like i’ll have to run this one. I’ll write a blog post for the BCUOMA blog about it and link it to mine tomorrow after the event.

Anyways, tonight has been special because I have been indulging in the internet and all the things I never have time for when school starts. Tonight I’ve had fun paying attention to fashion and music for the first time in months! I’ve never much listened to the radio outside of a car, but tonight I’ve been listining to 102.7 The Peak for hours!

I think that radio would be something I’d like to try out. Participating in SFU’s radio station is one of my goals while I’m a student there. In my dreams I’d love to have a late-night radio slot where I just play whatever I like for the few people tuning in at this hour – like I am right now! As the night gets later I’d play all sorts of slow and sleepy tunes. Like this one from Best Coast:

Today I’ve been compiling this playlist of songs that capture popular music I like this summer:

Want even more fun? Want to stalk my interests? Use that link to find other playlists I’ve created like “dancing” to listen to songs I can’t sit still to!

Susan has a slightly different taste in music, and travling the province with her has been a joy. There are so many songs on her playlists i’ve never heard before, and it’s wonderful to get a taste of something new. If I had to pick 3 songs that get played regularly off her phone, they would be (in no particular order):

1. Hoodie Allen – 18 Cool

2. Ingrid Michalson – Boys Chase Girls

3. Stolen Dance – Milky Chance

Tonight I’ve also been using pintrest more than I ever have, and re-igniting my passion for the works of art that get expressed through the fashion website

This artist Nancy Zhang likes to post pictures of herself in outfits alongside paintings of herself in those outfits. I think the reason I enjoy her posts so much is because when you put together a special outfit, you have an image in our mind, the inspairation behind it all. Through her paintings we are able to experience the moment she creates in these outfits as she imagined, and sense the unique personalities behind each one. Click on her name above for the full experience, they are truly amazing.

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