Penticton Day 2

I had a wonderful day today! After staying up late watching season 2 of The Carrie Diaries, I woke up at 9 to go swimsuit shopping. The most popular independent swim store in Penticton is called “Bumwrap” and is on Main St. So I headed over, and was met with a lovely surprise: A street fair!

Apparently this happens every Saturday until 1pm here! This was a FANTASTIC street fair, large, busy, and every vendor was interesting! I bought dry soup mix, bracelets, necklaces, and two blank journals! I’m giving most of these things away as gifts, most for my pen pals, so don’t be sad if you don’t get one.


Hey – good idea! I should create a blog contest for someone to win something! (Oooh, keep your eyes peeled for that!)

Anyways, I walked around the fair for a long time and looked at the swimsuit store, but eventually I just went to Winners and got a very cute bathing suit. I was worried that I was spending too much time out having fun, and that Susan was awake and wanting to go out and do stuff (I had the car), but when I got back to the hotel she was still asleep! She woke up eventually, we had plans to go tubing on the river, so while she got ready I walked back into town to go to the bank (to visit the fair again).

On my way I walked along the shore of the Okanagan Lake. It’s beautiful and sitting on that beach is my plan for tomorrow!



I also bought a delicious bag of cherries while I was on street fair round 2! Real Okanagan local cherries! So delicious that I ate the entire small bag myself before I had a chance to get back to the hotel and share them with Susan! I also got this awesome waterproof pen from a local art store! And I saw (but did not purchase) this cool mask made of leather! It was nice chatting up the man who made them.IMG_2038



River tubing was fun, but susan didn’t feel well afterwards. We’re back at the hotel now, I’m hanging out in a surprisingly large seating area where the vending machines and gym are, watching Carrie Diaries and eating take out pasta from a nearby ritzy Italian restaurant.



One thought on “Penticton Day 2

  1. So glad you are seeing a lot of BC up close and personal. Uncle Richard and I cannot think of a better summer job! And glad you are able to see the recycling and waste disposal challenges in these communities.

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